Plus, she reunites with Back to the Future co-star, Christopher Llyod.


Hallmark's latest festive offering from their annual Countdown to Christmas is Next Stop Christmas, and it's a whimsical, magical ride from start to finish. The story begins with successful surgeon in NYC, Angie (Lyndsy Fonseca), doing what so many of us do, wondering "what if" when she sees a photo of her ex-boyfriend, Tyler (Eric Freeman) in an advertisement for his national sportscast in the train station. She boards her train home but with the help of a magic ticket she receives from the possibly enchanted ticket taker (who later turns out to also be the conductor) played by the legendary Christopher Llyod, she doesn't end up back in her apartment in Yonkers. She's back in her hometown, with her family, and that old boyfriend Tyler, exactly 10 years ago. Angie goes back and forth through time and must figure out what she's supposed to change in order to get back to present day.

Lea Thompson in Halston Dress
Credit: Crown Media

The movie isn't just about Angie's quest. Viewers will also learn all about each of her family members, all working through their own trials and tribulations and in their own ways, are all in need of a little Christmas magic. A time travelling tale with appearances by Christopher Llyod? Sign us up! But wait, there's more. Playing Angie's mom, Evelyn, is none other than Llyod's Back to the Future costar, Lea Thompson.

"It's my 7th movie with Chris and we've never really shared a line. Which I think is hilarious. I don't know why that is," Thompson shared with Southern Living. And it's true. The two never share the frame in this film but did reunite for some publicity photos.

Christopher Lloyd Lea Thompson
Credit: Crown Media

"I really did have a great time seeing Chris. I hadn't seen him in a long time. We just got to take pictures together, but it was great to see him. And I can't wait to see him in this part. I bet he's amazing. He's such an amazing actor."

Thompson's character is struggling with the strains of a long marriage. Her time-traveling daughter hopes to right the ship of her parents' struggling romance and her secret weapon of choice? A beautiful red dress.

"There was all kinds of excitement about my red dress because it's a vintage, I think late 70's, Halston couture dress. So, it was very expensive and there was a lot of excitement about that dress," Thompson explained.

"Of course, I begged the people to give it to me and they did. I got the Halston dress so I'm very excited about it. My kids were like, 'can I borrow it?' I'm like no. No this is my one and only real Halston dress. So that was a lot of fun with trying to get it on and get it off without you know getting lipstick on it. So that was a fun thing to have this kind of beautiful dress be such an important part of my story in the show. And to get to feel that pretty and dressed up and everything cause I'm just like a hobbit in my sneakers and coats now that I'm directing so much."

In fact, Thompson can be found behind the camera more often than in front of it these days.

"I actually got my start directing at Hallmark so I'm always really grateful for them because that's mostly how I'm making my living right now," she said.

She's kept busy directing for TV projects like Stargirl, and Resident Alien, but does take acting jobs when she can fit them in, like a reoccurring role on The Goldbergs.

Don't miss Thompson, Lloyd, and the entire cast of Next Stop, Christmas, premiering on Hallmark Channel November 6.