Grandparent names don't have to make sense.
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Jenna Bush Hager, George W. Bush, Laura Bush, and Barbara Bush
Credit: @laurawbush/Marlo Moore Collins

The South is known for doling out traditional formal names, and then promptly ignoring them in favor of creative nicknames that range from Beau to Boo to Tre to Shug. Southerners are also known for the delightfully quirky titles we bestow upon our beloved grandparents like Moo, PaPaw, and Bunny. The Bush Family has taken these Southern traditions and run with them.

According to the New York Post's Page Six, former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush have earned some appropriately respectful and whimsical names from their grandchildren. At the recent Women Making History Awards, the former First Lady revealed that she isn't Nana or Grandmother to her grandchildren, but is known as "Mimi Maxwell," a name she shares with an author, an art director, and other natural-born Mimi Maxwells. She says the name was invented by daughters Jenna and Barbara and while there's undoubtedly a story behind that moniker, family outsiders may never be privy to the true origins of the quirky title.

As for the former president, Bush allegedly wanted his grandchildren to simply call him "Sir," which would certainly encourage the grandchildren to be a well-mannered bunch. However, an unnamed source told Page Six (and  People confirmed) that the children have instead taken to calling their grandfather "Jefe," a Spanish word usually meaning "the boss" or "the chief." (It's unclear whether that was a deliberate choice as an homage to his role as the former Commander in Chief of the nation or simply an inside joke that only his nearest and dearest are in on.