Watch the sweet speech Ladd Gave introducing his wife at the 2016 Oklahoma Hall of Fame ceremony in her honor.


The man may know his way around the family's Pawhuska, Oklahoma, cattle ranch like the back of his hand, but if you had asked Ladd Drummond what a blog was before his wife Ree started her The Pioneer Woman empire in 2006, he likely would have shrugged his shoulders and gotten back to herding steer.

Indeed, thanks to The Cheat Sheet, we recently got pointed to quite the confession from Ladd that he had no clue what a blog was prior to his wife launching hers. As Ladd told the story at Ree's induction to the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 2016, it all started in the spring of 2006 when Ladd offered to take the couple's four children to work with him on the ranch one day, including their toddler son, Todd, "so [Ree] could have a day to just relax and catch up," he explained in his remarks presenting his wife. "As I was going out the door, she mentioned that she might start a blog."

Then, the big reveal: "I said 'well, I don't know what a blog is, but knock yourself out," shared Ladd. As in, the cattle rancher wasn't familiar with the phrase "blog" despite the term being used since the late 1990s. "Little did I know what I had unleashed. What started out as a personal blog grew into a vibrant online community with Ree's ranch stories, home cooking, and photography tutorials. In a few year's time, she had single-handedly built her site to millions of page views," he continued, joking that she managed to accomplish this on the ranch with HughesNet satellite internet. At the end of the speech, he really gets our eyes watery, saying, "I'm so proud to introduce her first as a great Oklahoman, but mostly as I know her, a great person, an incredible wife and mother, my best friend. Oh, and a pretty darn good cook!"

You can watch the full speech below.

Thanks for sharing your "pretty darn good cook" with the world, Ladd. We take it you're well versed in the definition of "blog" now, huh?