Lacey Chabert Marks Six Months Without Sister Wendy in Beautiful Tribute

“We all miss her so much.”

Lacey Chabert in winter white coat and hair up
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It's been six months since Lacey Chabert's older sister died unexpectedly and the Mississippi native took to social media to pause and pay tribute to Wendy.

"I looked at the date and realized its been exactly six months without my beautiful sister.

We all miss her so much," her Instagram post began alongside a childhood photo of Wendy.

It's clear that Chabert's pain is still raw, but it appears her daughter is helping her walk through the grief.

"During these past six months when someone would refer to Wendy in past tense it was just crushing to me. It's normal to do this of course, but it still always took me back, even when I did it. The other day as Julia and I were watching a movie, I said, 'this was one of Aunt Wendy's favorite movies growing up.' Julia corrected me and said, 'No, mom it's still one of her favorite movies, she's just up in heaven now' Such wisdom," she wrote. Out of the mouth of babes, indeed.

Chabert shared that she understood that maybe Julia's assessment wasn't literal but rather that the love that she and the rest of their family had for Wendy still exists as does Wendy's love for them. "She's just up in heaven now."

The beloved Hallmark star ended her poignant post by saying, "If you're also missing a loved one, I pray the Lord brings hope and comfort to your heart."

The post resonated with so many of her fans and friends. Fellow members of her Hallmark family weighed in with their love and support in the comments section. Nikki Deloach wrote "What a wise little soul. Thank you for the reminder, Julia. Love you, Lacey. Wrapping my arms around you." Erin Cahill said. "Thank you so much for sharing this. I absolutely can relate and yet can't begin to imagine the profundity of missing your sister. I love you and I am sending you my whole heart."

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Lacey and her entire family.

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