Before reaching stardom with country hits like "Islands In The Stream" and "Coward Of The County," Southern legend Kenny Rogers grew up in the projects of Houston, Texas. "I remember when I was a little boy and I was going to school, I used to walk to school. I walked through one of the most expensive parts of Houston, and I used to see these houses that had automatic sprinklers. I always thought that was so cool. I thought if I ever get old enough to do it, I'm going to have automatic sprinklers." This Country Music Hall of Famer has made a phenomenal impact on Southern culture and music (and, can certainly afford automatic sprinklers of his own!). He's won dozens of Grammy, CMA, AMA, CMT, and ACM Awards, not to mention his handful of TV and movie credits. Kenny Rogers – known best as The Gambler – is on his final tour before retirement. We sat down with the award-winning star to talk about fatherhood with his twin boys, what he loves most about Southerners, and why Dolly Parton is one of his dearest friends.

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