The singer, who spends much of his vacation time in the Caribbean, is ready to help Hurricane Irma victims in any way he can.

Kenny Chesney Hurricane Irma
Credit: Instagram / Kenny Chesney

As Hurricane Irma pummels along on its destructive path towards Florida, Kenny Chesney is calling on his fans to help the small Caribbean islands left devastated.

The Knoxville-native, a lover of the Virgin Islands who owned a home on St. John, opens up about how distraught Irma's destruction has left him. "As daylight is hitting the islands, and we're really getting a sense of how bad this all is…I don't know what to say," he began his heartfelt missive to fans.

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"I've never been in war, but the devastation, the people's faces in a place I know by heart have left me feeling helpless. It's total devastation.These are people who live off the sea, who depend on it." His love for the people that make up this tiny string of islands clear, he adds: "For all of them, though, they've been where I've leaned for emotional and creative support for fifteen years because they are so generous."

Calling on his devoted No Shoes Nation for help, Chesney shares that he is working to find the best ways to help. Read the full letter below.

To help people affected by Hurricane Irma, you can donate to the Red Cross here.