Duchess Catherine in Tiara December 2018
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Meghan Markle is having one hell of a run following her massive royal wedding and the announcement of her royal baby. Though she seems to have it all, there's one thing her sister-in-law Kate Middleton will get that Meghan never will: The title of Queen.

Well, sort of.

You see, royal titles are a seriously murky business. Don't believe us? Just read up on how insanely complicated the relationship between a Duke and Prince really is, along with being a Duchess or Princess.

For Meghan, things won't ever really get complicated. She gained the title of Duchess on her wedding day and that's as far as it will ever likely go (unless, of course, William and all of his children choose to abdicate the throne).
But, for Kate, things will likely change. You see, right now her title in the United Kingdom is Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge. However, when she's in Scotland, she goes by the title the Countess of Strathearn. And, while visiting Northern Ireland she is known by a third title, Lady Carrickfergus. (Full disclosure: If I were Kate I'd absolutely go by Lady Carrickfergus everywhere I went.)

However, when William eventually takes over the throne — which won't be for some time as the Queen is still going strong and Prince Charles is next in line — Kate will get yet another new name. But it won't be Queen. Instead, it will be Queen Consort.

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As Town&Country explained, Kate will be known all over the world as Queen Catherine. However, Marlene Koenig, royal expert and author of the blog Royal Musings, her official title will be Queen consort. That is because she wasn't born into the family but rather, she married into it. Only women born into the royal family, such as Kate's daughter Charlotte, can ever be a Queen.

As the Queen Consort, Kate will continue to support her husband and all of his duties. She will still make regular appearances around the world and continue to serve as patron for her many beloved charities.

Oh, and according to Koenig, Kate could have one more title change in her life, if she outlives her husband.

"When [Prince] George is King (if Catherine is still alive), she can choose to be styled as HM Queen Catherine, the Queen Mother," Koenig explained. Though, hopefully, this will still be a long, long time away.