At least the kids were delaying hitting the hay by practicing the family trade!


Moms and dads, you know the drill. Sweep away Disney castles and LEGO kits. Read that final-final bedtime story. Tuck the kids in. Flip the light switch.

Then, the inevitable wail. "Ten more minutes?" "Moooooom, Daaaaad, please!"

Well, Chip and Joanna Gaines, parents of four children —Drake, Duke, Ella, and Emmie—certainly feel our plight. In a recent instagram post, mom Jo captured our feelings about bedtime perfectly. "Ok fine...ten more minutes," she wrote, in a tone of voice all parents know all too well.

Brothers Drake and Duke may not have elicited much sympathy from us if they were playing video games. Or goofing around on the iPad. But, as Jo hints in the comments, the boys were, in fact, "#buildingstuff." Could this also, perhaps, hint at young home improvement whizzes and future ‘Fixer Upper' stars in the making?

As we lament the series upcoming final season, we can only hope this is a subtle clue that Fixer Upper: Kids' Edition may be in the pipeline. Well, we can dream, right?