An interview with Jenna Bush Hager.


In a recent interview for Southern Living, Jenna Bush Hager sits down with Joanna Gaines to talk motherhood, family time, me-time, and making mistakes (yes, she makes them too!).

Jenna: Something I've heard you say is, "Perfection is not the goal." What do you tell people about creating beautiful spaces?

Joanna: I had to come to that as a mom with little children. My nature is for things to be orderly. It helps my mind think. After the kids are all in bed, I do a once-over of the house so I can start the next morning fresh for the day ahead. I love doing that. Not everyone does, so don't let that pressure overrun your life. My motto is "Take it little by little." Tell yourself that it's okay.

Jenna: I do the same. My mom did it too. I think it's inherited. I sleep better knowing I can wake up and tackle the day.

Joanna: On days when it's harder for me to clean up, I set the timer for 30 minutes, blast really loud music, and say, "GO!" It's actually fun. Try to find a way to make it a challenge, and you can trick yourself into enjoying it.

Jenna: Do you remember when you met my mom?

Joanna: Of course I do! I think we were in the second season of the show, and I had reopened the store. Someone from the shop called to tell me your mother was coming, and I was in my pajamas unpacking something. I immediately rushed over—embarrassed and covered in paint. There was your mom looking beautiful, and she just wanted to walk through the store.

Jenna: We are so hard on ourselves, but we need to lift one another up. Perfection is not the key.

Joanna: Comparison is the worst thing in the world. Contentment is the goal and the greatest gift in life.