The Sweet Tradition Joanna Gaines Started With Her Daughter

Making memories that count.

Whether you know and love Joanna Gaines from the Magnolia Journal, HGTV's Fixer Upper, or even Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave, there's no doubt the Waco, Texas, resident is a certified supermom. The mother of five somehow manages to run a business empire with her husband, Chip, while prioritizing family time above all else.

Joanna Gaines in front of Garden Shed
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Southern Living's Editor at Large, Jenna Bush Hager, recently sat down with Joanna Gaines to talk about raising a family, focusing on a career, and being a mom in today's hectic world. Traditions, family memories, and her own mother's influence were all really important to Waco's sweetheart. So, when Joanna Gaines reveals a thoughtful tradition she started with her own daughter, Emmie, we couldn't help but take notes. Joanna first realized she loved gardening soon after planting a rose garden, and the hobby has grown ever since. After opening the family restaurant, Magnolia Table, Joanna decided growing fresh produce was a priority for the business. But, what she cherishes more than anything is the quality time spent outdoors in the garden with her children.

The potting shed is now home to an impressive collection of vintage gardening books that Joanna has collected over time, but it gets better. Since finalizing the beautiful oasis, Joanna and Emmie have started placing dried flowers in every vintage gardening book on those shelves. This way, when they reopen the books years down the road, a beautiful memory will be waiting in the form of a flower. And we believe this is a tradition worth starting in your own home.

"I love that there is something magical that happens in the garden, whether it's a small raised bed or this large garden, there's something about growing your own food – growing your own flowers that's sweet; it's special," says Joanna.

If you don't know where to being with the flower drying process, don't fret. Southern Living has you covered. Check out our guide, and get your kids to join in on the fun. Happy planting, y'all!

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