We certainly weren't expecting this.

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You know that glorious feeling of squeezing everything into your carry-on? Well, imagine wedging that final pair of shoes and maybe a spare cardigan into your bag, only to realize you still have to cram in your bathroom scale. Yes, as in the thing you weight yourself upon with varying frequency.

For former President John F. Kennedy, taking his scale along for his travels was the norm though, as Reader's Digest reports.

"According to Thurston Clarke's book, JFK's Last Hundred Days, [John F. Kennedy] often traveled with a bathroom scale because he was obsessed with his weight. He also reportedly avoided swimming in public because he felt sensitive about his 'Fitzgerald breasts,'" explains writer Jayna Taylor-Smith.

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Some speculate his deep fixation on his weight stemmed from his mother, Rose Kennedy, keeping detailed tabs on her children's health. In turn, this may have led to his insecurities, even though he was a healthy weight of around 170 pounds.

Lugging around a scale on vacation? We think we'll pass on that one, Jack.