“Pat Garner: the new training sensation.”


Jennifer Garner's mom is giving her famous daughter a run for her money in the gym.

In fact, Garner matriarch Pat is so into fitness, that she agreed to train Jen during a recent visit to Los Angeles.

Warning: extreme mother-daughter cuteness ahead.

"Pat Garner: the new training sensation," Jennifer wrote alongside their four-minute workout video on Instagram. "My mom started working out at the age of 80, and at 83, with the guidance of her beloved trainer Mike Irving, she is an expert."

"Thank you to @Apple Watch (Mom's closed those rings-241 days and counting) and @HGTV (@scotsman.co & @erinapier) for getting my favorite lady into tip top shape," she continued.

The video begins with Pat leading Jennifer into her home gym. "Alright. I usually do a circuit," she tells her 49-year-old daughter.

They start by walking around the room five times. "Start your engines!" Jennifer quips.

The two then do five pushups against a ballet bar, followed by weighted arm exercises.

"You know, I would make straight As in college and a C in my one hour of Phys Ed" Pat said, adding that her former classmates are "probably mostly dead."

Walking around the room in between sets, the 83-year-old revealed that that she does her exercises at home while watching HGTV. Jennifer, ever the good daughter, promptly turns the television to her mama's favorite channel.

With Home Town on, they move on to resistance bands for more arm exercises and one-legged step-ups, all while discussing the episode.

"Aren't they so cute?" Pat asks. "So cute," Jennifer agrees.

Jennifer Garner Pat Garner Ice Cream
Credit: Southern Living

The pair stops their workout to pick up Jennifer's kids from school and resume their exercises four hours later. HGTV is still on the television when they return.

Finally, after noting that her arms are "not really" getting tired, Pat declares that the exercise rings on her Apple Watch are closed.

"Pat Garner! She's done it again, folks! 241 days!" Jennifer cheers.

It doesn't get much cuter than that, y'all!