Jennifer Garner might not live in the South, but there are so many aspects of growing up in West Virginia, that are part of her life in California today. Like her garden – and her pets. In fact, California is actually a wonderful place for growing some of the most fresh and delicious ingredients around. And for anyone who follows her on Instagram (and if you don't, you should), then you know that one of the most important members of the family is Birdie.

SL: What's growing in your California garden?

JG: Avocados, limes, lemons, oranges, figs, grapefruits, peaches, apples, pomegranates, papayas, and bananas. We have a bunch of blueberry bushes as well. There are also all kinds of green veggies and tomatoes, beans, teas, herbs, carrots, beets, and pumpkins.

Jennifer Garner Playing with Dogs on Family Farm
Jennifer sneaks in playtime with the family's dogs Frodo and Pippin.
| Credit: Victor Demarchelier; Wardrobe Styling: Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson/The Wall Group; Hair: Ben Skervin/The Wall Group; Makeup: Genevieve Herr/Sally Harlor; Seamstress: Jeanette Wingo

SL: Do you have any animals at home?

JG: Let's start with our chickens: Jafar, Captain Hook, The Joker, Lord Business, Bellatrix, and Two-Face. [Plus, at the time of the interview, a few new chickens arrived.] We have seven hives of bees. My son has an ant farm. And, of course, there's our golden retriever, Birdie.