Jenna Bush Hager Shares Photos from Family Vacation

Plus she divulges the clever way mom and daughter are keeping in contact from afar while Mila is at summer camp.

Jenna Bush Hager in Yellow and Black Dress
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Like many Southerners, Jenna Bush Hager took a little break from her job to take her family on a sun-filled vacation. Back at her desk on the Today show, she shared some adorable vacation pictures showing her family kicking back and relaxing in the sun.

On the show, Hager, who also serves as Southern Living editor-at-large, gave the audience a small peek into her trip with her husband, Henry Hager, and their children Mila, Poppy, and two-year-old Hal.

"We went with the rhythm of life," she told her Today co-host Hoda Kotb about making time to truly immerse herself in her vacation. "I put my phone away."

While it can be a challenge to get your friends and family to look through your vacation slideshow, Hager's family pics were cute and fun. The photos show Hager with her husband riding on a boat, adorable pictures of the kids, as well as a group shot with the whole family.

The Hager family clearly had a lot of fun and undoubtedly made some magical summer memories (and possibly made some new family nicknames). The photos so perfectly capture that Southern summertime feeling, that you may be ready to start planning your own Southern vacation.

Of course, every vacation eventually comes to an end. As the rest of the family returned to New York, Hager's daughter Mila was dropped off at summer camp. Hager has a sneaky trick for keeping an eye on her daughter, even when she's miles away at camp. Before camp drop-off, she and Mila came up with a secret signal for Mila to tell her mom how she is doing. They devised a hand gesture—well, an arm gesture, really—that Mila uses in the photos that the camp shares with the family at home. If Hager sees the gesture in the picture, she knows that Mila is doing just fine. It's a clever trick!

While Mila is at camp, Hager is back at the Today show desk. During her time off, Justin Sylvester and Michelle Collins stepped in to help fill her hosting duties, but fans are no doubt happy to have her back on their televisions sharing her sweet family stories.

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