Complete with pearls and all. 
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Southerners all have that one well-meaning relative that consistently reminds them of their manners. Whether it's wearing proper hemlines to church ("You don't want have to use the hymnal to cover up all service, do you?"), saying our ma'am's and sirs, or never forgetting to write a thank you note, it's often the matriarchs keeping us in line. According to twins Barbara and Jenna Bush, their family is no exception.

Former First Lady Barbara is such a stickler for etiquette that her grandchildren call her "The Enforcer." To celebrate her grandmother's 92nd birthday, Jenna shared a precious throwback photo of the twins posing with their manners guru (and her signature pearls, of course). "Sending love to the ENFORCER on her 92nd!" she wrote. "Hope you like this post (or I will hear about it!)" We're pretty sure Jenna's sweet Instagram post will go over well with her grandmother, but if not, manners boot camp with a former first lady doesn't sound too bad.

In our 2016 interview with the Bush twins, Barbara recalled family dinners when "Ganny" instructed her to keep elbows off the table. "She loves a manner," Barbara said. Jenna chimed into remind her sister that while their grandmother likes everyone on their best behavior, she doesn't mind a lively discussion at the dinner table. "You can talk about funny things, politics, as long as you're polite while you do it." Watch the full interview and learn more etiquette tips from the twins below.

WATCH: The Bush Twins Talk Etiquette, Elbows, and the Perfect Hostess Gift

Who was the manners drill sergeant in your family? And what was her biggest pet peeve? My grandmother could not stand for me to leave the house with wet hair and while I still do it, I always feel a little guilty inside. Be sure to share your stories with us in the comments on our Facebook page!