Jeanne Robertson, former Miss North Carolina, has over 50 years of experience making people laugh. Her own family often inspires the hilarious routines she communicates on stage every night. The 74-year-old is always on alert for new, funny, and exciting stories, and sometimes her family and friends provide just that. One of Jeanne’s favorite routines to perform centers around the tale of a family who happened to bury their father three times and in three different locations. As the Auburn University alumni puts it – only Southerners would do something like that! Of course, the humorist and motivational speaker always provides the courtesy of asking permission to tell someone’s story, even if it is her own family. She asks three questions: can I tell the story, can I use your real name, and can I stretch it a little bit? In the case of the "Reburied" tale, Jeanne actually told the family how she'd stretch the story as she would in front of a live audience. By doing this, she prepared her family for just how much creative license she'd take with their story. After she finished, they exclaimed, “That’s exactly the way it happened!”

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