“Go love on your family. Go love on your dogs. See ya up there in Slashy.”

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Our hearts are breaking for Jake Owen. The country star revealed on Sunday that his beloved dog Slash has passed away.

In a social media post, the singer reported that his German Shepherd had died suddenly, CMT first reported. "I lost one of my best friends last night unexpectedly," Owen wrote on Instagram alongside a collection of photos of his dog. "The drs said his stomach had 'flipped' and even with emergency surgery, it wasn't enough to save him…I didn't even make it home in time to say goodbye."

While Owen didn't go into the medical details, a "flipped stomach" is also known as Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV), which can result from "dog bloat." While humans frequently have bloated feeling after eating too much, in dogs, bloat can be a sign of a serious illness. One vet told Daily Paws, "If your dog has signs of bloat, it's always an emergency."  According to Daily Paws, in dogs, a bloated stomach can push on the lungs making it difficult to breathe. It can also cause a stomach to twist over itself, cutting off blood flow to vital organs and without treatment, it's almost always fatal. 

In his remembrance, Owen noted, "Slash was my youngest German Shepherd and the sweetest most loving dog I've ever had. He was more like a human than a dog. While my other pups would run free across the farm, Slash just wanted to be by my side."

Owen went on to share a sentiment that anyone who has known and loved a pet will recognize, that losing one feels like losing a member of the family. He concluded his heartbroken post by reminding folks to cherish pets (and people) while you have them. "Go love on your family," he wrote. "Go love on your dogs."

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We send our deepest condolences to Jake over this heartbreaking loss.