The first stop on Baddie's quest to see the world was AT&T Stadium in Arlington.


Instagram's most famous grandma and longtime Dallas Cowboys fan, Baddie Winkle just crossed one more thing off her bucket list.

Despite decades of fandom, Winkle had never actually been to a Cowboys game. The colorful 89 year old with more than 3.2 million Instagram followers is currently on a worldwide tour to check off all the items on her #BadA**BucketList, and on Oct. 8th her football dreams finally came true. Thanks to, the company sponsoring her adventure, the over-the-top octogenarian witnessed the Cowboys take on the Packers from an incredible vantage point on the sidelines. And she even met the cheerleaders—her favorite part.

"They played a good game," Winkle told Dallas Morning News' Guide Live. "I thought at the very last second that they were going to pull it out, but they couldn't manage. But they'll win the next one, definitely."

Dallas is one of 10 stops on Winkle's world tour. After checking off "riding a helicopter across the Grand Canyon" off her list earlier this week, she's off to London, Paris, Rio, and New York City to knock out the last eight. You go girl!