We bet you'll never guess her go-to order!

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
October 27, 2017
McBride and her husband John made a promise to care for their student throughout his recovery.
| Credit: Paul/Morigi/Getty Images

Some wonder what Martina McBride eats to make 51 look 31. Some wonder what she whips up on tour to stay healthy. Others, like us, wonder what the country crooner and cookbook author eats when it's time to celebrate and enjoy some Southern staples.

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Well, it turns out the Nashville resident depends on an inexpensive hashery to hit the spot. Her joint of choice? The one and only Waffle House. As her recent interview with food site Delish reveals, it's her must-visit spot after the CMA Awards—as it should be when one is dressed to the nines in couture evening gowns. Her signature order is cheese eggs (if you know, you know) and raisin toast. In a nice hat-tip to Waffle House's Southern roots—the company is headquartered in Norcross, Georgia—she tacks on an order of grits with lots of butter. Surprisingly, there's no smothering or covering to be seen on the star's blue plate special. Let's cut Martina some slack though, she's got to make it home in a fitted dress, after all.