Erin Napier Explains Why There Won't Be Another Season of 'Home Town Takeover' Any Time Soon

Don’t hold your breath, y’all.  

It's the question everyone is asking: Will there be another season of Home Town Takeover?

Unfortunately, despite the overwhelming success of the spinoff show, Ben and Erin Napier have no plans for a season two.

Ben and Erin Napier
Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Why? It's simple. Family comes first for the parents of two.

Back in June, Erin shared the reason with a Twitter follower who asked about the possibility of a new season of Home Town Takeover in the future.

"I'll be honest, the takeover life is not all that simpatico with family life," she wrote. "It was an amazing adventure for us, but likely the only one like it until (maybe) our girls are much older."

The Home Town stars, who welcomed their second daughter Mae back in May, have always been honest about their commitment to prioritizing their family.

"We say no to a lot of opportunities," Erin told People in 2020.

"For 18 years we get to be an influence in her life," she said of her firstborn. "I want those years to be really good and happy and healthy, because we can never get them back. No matter how great an opportunity or amount of money, nothing is worth missing out on memories together with Helen."

We can't argue with that!

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