"That one was the one I've been singing lately for no apparent reason."


For more than 45 years, parents have relied on Sesame Street to entertain and inform their children. Along with its stringed, furry characters and classic educational segments, you could always count on the PBS staple to deliver catchy tunes while teaching kids all about the alphabet and numbers. Adding to the growing list of celebrity admirers who love the famous fictional street is Hoda Kotb.

The Today Show co-host recently revealed that she often sings one particular song to her adopted daughter, Haley Joy. No, it's not the theme track, "Sunny Day." It's actually "Sing," a folk-inspired song written by Joe Raposo that has been covered by everyone from the Carpenters to The Dixie Chicks, and now Kotb is serenading baby Haley Joy with the impressive tune that, as Kotb puts it, gives her the chance to "sing out loud and sing out strong."

Kotb gave Today Show viewers a little snippet of the song, singing alongside resident heartthrob and country crooner, Charles Easton, of CMT's hit series, Nashville. When the duo was asked about their favorite song to sing in the shower for the online episode "Uncorked," Kotb shared that she enjoys singing tunes by Ed Sheeran and even the electric performer, Bruno Mars. But "Sing" is the memorable ditty she's taking a liking to for her daughter.

"That one ['Sing'] was the one I've been singing lately for no apparent reason," Kotb said.

Like Hoda Kotb, it's hard not to be reminded of nostalgic memories of your childhood when singing this happy song. Plus, the lyrics still ring true, no matter what age you are: "Sing of good things, not bad. Sing of happy, not sad."