Hoda Kotb Shares the Sweet Way Haley Joy Spent her Chore Money

Haley Joy already knows giving is better than receiving.

Hoda Kotb and Haley Joy
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Like many parents, Hoda Kotb undoubtedly wants her daughters to be kind. On Today, Kotb shared a very sweet story about her daughter Haley Joy showing that she has already learned that important trait.

According to Kotb, the little girl came up to her with a unique request. She wanted to take Mo for ice cream. Kotb explained he's a local who runs a couple of restaurants in town and with whom they are friendly. Haley asked to call Mo and to find out his favorite flavor of ice cream. So the Mom of two complied and she and Haley called Mo and learned that he was a big fan of chocolate. After she got that information, Kotb said Haley promptly hung up without explaining anything to Mo.

Then the family ran into Mo on the street and he asked the little girl, "Why did you want to know my favorite ice cream?" Hoda recalled that Haley told the man, "Well, I've been doing my chores all week and I want to get you an ice cream."

Turns out the thoughtful kiddo had been carefully saving up the money she earned from doing chores around the house and wanted to buy a treat for Mo. The family agreed to meet up with Mo the next day so Haley could treat Mo to an ice cream cone. As luck would have it, the timing couldn't have been better. After the little girl bought him the cone, Mo told her that it was his birthday! "I was just thinking, like when you do something kind, the universe cooperates," Kotb said on Today. "Like it happened to have been his birthday on that day with the ice cream?" It just goes to show that being kind is always a good idea.

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