30 Years After Giving Her a Guitar Pick, Garth Brooks Surprises Fan with Guitar

“This surpassed anything I ever imagined.”

Garth Brooks
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Jessica Cloukey has held onto a guitar pick given to her by Garth Brooks since 1992. Thirty years later, at a Massachusetts concert over the weekend, she gave him to opportunity to take it back.

Cloukey attended the Brooks' May 21 show at Gillette Stadium with a special sign for her favorite country crooner. "Bangor, Maine 1992: I've saved your guitar pick for 30 years! Need it back?" the poster read.

"Oh, look how cute you are!" Brooks told her after catching a glimpse of the sign. "You can keep the pick. Go ahead keep the pick. It's sweet of you. I'll give you one of mine."

The Grammy-winner dug into his pocket for an extra pick which he instructed another audience member to give to Cloukey. He then reached into a different pocket and pulled out an extra guitar capo for her. But Brooks wasn't done showering her with gifts.

"Oh, you know, maybe one more thing," he said while handing his guitar over to her.

"There you go! I'll see you again in 30 years, OK?" he asked an ecstatic Cloukey before blowing her a kiss.

"Unbelievable still shaking I think...." Cloukey wrote on Facebook alongside a video of the incredible moment.

Security took the guitar backstage for the rest of the show for safekeeping. Cloukey ran into Brooks when she went to collect it.

"I don't know who pulled strings or what happened, but we were able to be out back when he came offstage, Cloukey told WABI. "It's etched in my mind. I'll always remember it. He bent down and put his hands on his knees, and he looked at me and said, 'Sweetheart!' And I just melted. So, he came over and he signed the guitar. He talked about Bangor. He remembered Bangor! He gave me a big hug and apologized that he was wet. I said, 'I'm good with that!'"

So sweet!

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