Classy and classic, just like Jackie O.

Strawberry Romanoff
Credit: shtukicrew/Getty Images

You're a self-proclaimed Jackie Kennedy superfan. Perhaps you've long known the former First Lady's favorite perfume from the House of Krigler (Lovely Patchouli 55, if the intel has slipped your mind) and regularly sport her signature button earrings as your go-to jewelery accessory.

But do you know her favorite dessert? Jackie O is said to have loved strawberries Romanoff, as Taste of Home reported. "One of Jackie's favorite dessert dishes was strawberries Romanoff, which is essentially strawberries topped with sweet whipping cream," writes Grace Mannon in the article on Jackie Kennedy's favorite foods.

An easy-to-assemble, summer favorite that only requires a handful of ingredients, Kennedy made the dish in her role as First Lady when Princess Grace of Monaco visited the White House. We don't know about you, but this regal dessert sounds like a crowd-pleasing winner to us.

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Now, if only we could have hosted the inimitable Jackie O for a proper dinner feast at our own homes. We hear strawberries Romanoff pairs well with sweet tea.