Well, color us impressed.

By Michelle Darrisaw
October 04, 2017

When it comes to painting your home's interior, there are hundreds of shades to choose from for your walls and trimming. Obviously, intense whites, warm pewters, and complementary creams will never go out of style. But if you're looking for color options that are a little more out-of-the-box than your standard neutrals, turn to one of the most trusted names in home improvement, country aesthetics, and color palettes: Joanna Gaines.

Joanna, who is one half of HGTV's Fixer Upper duo (at least for one more season), is no stranger to elevating a ho-hum wall into a chic statement through the use of color. So it should comes as no surprise that she's given her design stamp of approval on three specific paint colors for the home.

Recently, the Waco queen of house flipping and all things shiplap shared with Popsugar the trio of hues she's obsessed with right now. Of course, "Shiplap with True White" from her Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines paint collectionwas among the favorites. Keep reading to discover why Joanna is obsessed with this particular triad of unconventional colors in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room.


Magnolia Home

For Joanna, this "denim-inspired blue" is reminiscent of home. The jewel tone, with all its sophistication and elegance, is an ideal color to use in the most intimate space of your home for warmth and serenity.

"Bedrooms are a great place to take a risk and use a little more color," Joanna told Popsugar. "I would love to see a client use ‘Weekend' in their bedroom. Like weekends, this color puts me at ease. It is the calming blue of retreat and relaxation."

Wedding Band

Magnolia Home

If you're looking for a clean, refined backdrop, an essential gray such as "Wedding Band" pairs well with white trim commonly found in the bathroom. The "silver gray-tinted" shade gets its unusual (yet appropriate) name because it's the color of Chip Gaines's wedding ring, which, according to Magnolia Home's site, "represents promise and timelessness."

"In a bathroom, I like the idea of using something fresh and clean, like maybe one of my favorite grays, ‘Wedding Band'," said Joanna.

Shiplap with True White

Magnolia Home

Every homeowner craves the perfect neutral that will play well with other colors. That's why this shade is great for those who want a subtle contrast in their trim, without opting for ornate designs or bold colors. Plus, this "creamy weathered-white" pairs well with transitional furnishings in the living room, as well as the cabinetry in the kitchen.

"For high-traffic areas like kitchens and living rooms, I would keep things simple and use a creamy, neutral white like ‘Shiplap with True White' trim color," said Joanna. "They create a bright, clean space and offer a versatile backdrop for decor."

No wonder these versatile paint colors are Joanna's favorites. The next time you're looking to give your home an update, try one (or all) of these hues.