Father Walking Bride Down the Aisle
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25 years ago, we were all invited to a wedding thanks to Father of the Bride. The film starred Kimberly Williams as a bride-to-be, determined to make it down the aisle with the "independent communications consultant" she met in Europe, despite the wacky hijinks of her overprotective father (Steve Martin).

On the anniversary of the heartwarming comedy, ABC News asked Williams to look back at the film that not only became an instant bridal classic, but also helped make her a star.

For Williams, Father of the Bride was a rite of passage that helped her become an adult. She was plucked out of obscurity for the part and cast alongside acting legends like Martin Short and Diane Keaton and, of course, Steve Martin, who told her on her first day on set "Welcome to Hollywood. You're going to need a good therapist."

The role was a dream come true for Williams, who had been acting since she was five years old, but at just 19, it was daunting. "I knew it was a privilege to be there," she wrote. "In many ways, my life couldn't have been better. But much of the time, I felt far away from my family, friends and all that was familiar. And I had no idea what I was doing."

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While she was able to deliver her lines, she stumbled when it came to delivering tears. When her character was given a blender as a wedding present, it through her into a tizzy and she was supposed to whip up some tears that her dad could wipe away. Only Williams, couldn't perform. "As cameras rolled, Steve and I did the first half of the scene. Then we did it again. And again. For hours, thirty to forty times," Williams recounted. Nothing worked until Williams went deep and dark, telling herself that she was failing as an actress. That finally did the trick. "All the emotion I'd been keeping inside flowed out of me in the best catharsis I'd had in a while," she wrote. "That last take was the one they used. This time, when Charles yelled, "Cut," everyone on set applauded."

Remember that backstory the next time you watch Father of the Bride with your favorite bride-to-be. Read the full story of her time on set on ABC News.