You can add gender reveals to the list of things the power couple excels at.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Deanna and Jeremy DeArmond knew it was a long shot asking Faith Hill and Tim McGraw to reveal the gender of their baby, but they figured it was worth a shot.

Deanna told Taste of Country that she and her husband had an ultrasound for their third baby on Friday morning and decided to wait to learn the sex—unless they could get McGraw and Hill to open the envelope for them at their New Orleans show later that night.

So they made a sign and brought it to the show, which just so happened to be the first stop on the country music couple's Soul2Soul tour. Deanna says that anytime one of the singers looked in their direction her husband would hold up the sign. And just 30 minutes into the set he caught McGraw's eye.

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"He happened to look in our direction and he said, ‘Hold on, let's see what this is about,' and they called us up to the stage," she recalled to Taste of Country.

McGraw stopped the show, made his way to the couple and took the envelope. "And the Oscar goes to…" he joked as he opened it. "It says ‘La La Land!'"

Hill quickly grabbed the paper from her husband and read the results aloud. "It's a boy!" she cried as the crowd cheered.

Watch the sweet moment in the video above. Baby DeArmond is off to a great start.