Erin Napier's New Children's Book Made the NYT Best Sellers List, and Husband Ben Couldn't Be Prouder

Watch their cute celebration.

Erin and Ben Napier
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Ben Napier is one proud husband.

The Home Town star celebrated the success of his wife Erin's new illustrated children's book with a gushing Instagram post and a big bear hug.

The Lantern House earned the third spot in the children's picture book category of the New York Times best sellers list last week—no small feat for the first-time children's book author.

"Tonight, I will go to bed with a bestselling author," Ben wrote alongside a video of their emotional celebration. "She's an incredibly talented artist, she has the voice of an angel, she is my best friend, she is my daughters' mother, an amazing mother at that, and she is a @nytimes bestselling author!!!"

"I have loved her for nearly 20 years, and will love her for the rest of my life," Ben continued. "It always makes me proud to call her my wife, but tonight, I couldn't be prouder. Titles don't mean anything in the big picture, but it feels good to be recognized for something you made."

Erin teamed up with friend and artist Adam Trest to write and illustrate The Lantern House, which hit shelves on May 24.

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The Lantern House

The Lantern House Erin Napier

The Lantern House is told from the perspective of an old house as it watches its occupants grow, love, learn, grieve, and move away over the years—each leaving their mark on the home.

According to Erin, the narrative was inspired in part by her and her husband Ben's own home, a 1925 craftsman in Laurel, Mississippi.

"Honestly, I sat down, and I wrote that in 30 minutes, the rough [draft]," she admitted to People in September. "It just came very easily to me to tell this story, because it's a story that I've seen a million times in the work we do on Home Town. We've renovated nearly a hundred houses. And Ben's favorite thing to do is to research the history of these houses before we present them as an option to the family. So, they know a little about the people that lived there before them."

Congrats, y'all!

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