The Lantern House, due out in May 2022, is told from the perspective of an old house.
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Erin Napier is a children's book author!

The Home Town multihyphenate teamed up with friend and artist Adam Trest to write and illustrate a heartwarming new book called The Lantern House, due out in May 2022.

The Lantern House is told from the perspective of an old house as it watches its occupants grow, love, learn, grieve, and move away over the years—each leaving their mark on the home.

"Our homes, when loved and cared for, become part of our families. They shelter and hold us through our best and worst moments, and they live on beyond us. We are just chapters in the book of a house's life," Erin said in a release. "I wanted to write a book for our daughters Helen and Mae that tells the story of home, in a way that's about so much more than aesthetics. To be at home is to be with family, even as a family's seasons of life are ever-changing."

The HGTV star announced the book on Instagram Tuesday morning along with a peek at its whimsical cover.

"Imagine a house's early days as a home: A young family builds a picket fence and plants flowers in its yard, children climb the magnolia tree and play the piano in the living room, and there is music inside the house for many happy years," Erin teased in the caption. "But what will happen when its windows grow dark, the paint starts to crumble, and its boards creak in the winter wind? The Lantern House dreams of a family who will love it again… and one day, a new story will emerge from within its walls."

According to Erin, the narrative was inspired in part by her and her husband Ben's own home, a 1925 craftsman in Laurel, Mississippi.

"We know a little bit about the families who built the house, who lived here before us," Erin told People, a Southern Living sister publication. "We know that one girl who grew up in our house got married at the fireplace hearth."

"I'm very attached to the books I loved in childhood," she continued, "and I just imagine our girls and the way they're going to love this book."

The Lantern House comes out May 24, 2022, and is available for pre-order now.

We can't wait to get our copy!