Erin Napier Reveals She and Husband Ben Gave Up Social Media for Lent

The Home Town couple has been enjoying life offline in the country.

Erin Napier is back on social media after giving it up for Lent.

The Home Town star took to Instagram Monday to reveal that she took a 40-day break from social media platforms, and that her time away was anything but boring. While we were scrolling mindlessly, Erin and her family were busy enjoying life at their newly completed country house.

Ben and Erin Napier on Porch
Brooke Davis-Jefcoat

"Country life in the last 40 days," the mom-of-two captioned a carousel of photos taken during her fun-filled absence. "It's been busy! We are tired! And thankful! He is risen!"

Erin added that the hiatus was facilitated by a friend named Laura, who posted on behalf of her and her husband Ben while they enjoyed quality time with their young daughters.

The photos include snaps of daughter Helen, 4, holding up a stuffed bunny and another of her dirty bare feet. Erin also included a too-cute photo of her 11-month-old daughter Mae looking at the family's new puppy through a door.

The Napiers explained their desire for a country house in a March interview with Southern Living.

"We bought a house out in the country to give our girls a place where we can all get away together without having to really get away," Ben explained. "It's quiet, private… it's incredible."

The historic home, which used to be a working farm, is located outside Laurel, Mississippi.

"The first thing Helen [said] was 'we're gonna get a horse and we're gonna get pigs!'" Erin said.

No sign of a horse or pigs yet, but it's already clear that the girls are enjoying the fresh air. Mission accomplished!

The renovation will be featured on Home Town in the fall.

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