Why Watching 'E.T.' With Daughter Helen Made Erin Napier Cry

“It was one more milestone in her tiny life.”

Erin Napier's daughter Helen reached a milestone recently that left the HGTV personality in tears, but it's not one you would expect.

The Home Town star shared on Instagram that she and her husband Ben took three-year-old Helen to the movie theater for the first time over the weekend to see Steven Spielberg's 1982 classic E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial at Prytania Theatre in New Orleans.

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"We've waited before taking Helen to see her first movie in the theater because we wanted to wait for the right one. A magical one," Erin captured the trio of photos. "She's seen this a dozen times at home and decided a long time ago that Elliott will be her husband when she grows up."

The mother-of-two, who welcomed her second daughter Mae back in May, went on to say that the experience made her emotional.

"When the orchestra plays the score at the end it will make you cry when you see it on the big screen," Erin explained. "For Elliott, it's saying goodbye to ET, for me, it was one more milestone in her tiny life."

Helen has reached a number of milestones recently. Not only did she become a big sister, she also celebrated having two healthy legs again after she breaking her tibia and fibula in a park accident back in January.

They grow up so fast!

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