Napier's BFFs pulled off quite the surprise celebration.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 30, 2021

Home Town star Erin Napier was delighted when her hometown crew threw her an unexpected bash in honor of the upcoming birth of her second daughter expected this May— and the festivities encompassed quite the Southern flair.

"These girls. They surprised me with a weeknight dinners and diaper shower, the tradition in our circle of friends started by @malraz," writes Erin, captioning a photo of her crew (and two little ones) on Instagram. Of course, being in Laurel, Mississippi, they've got to add some classic Southern hospitality into the mix: "Everyone bakes two of their favorite casserole, ready for the freezer. The pregnant girl gets one of each, and everyone else draws a number and takes one home, too. I'm so lucky to be loved by y'all!" she concludes the post, noting that the photograph was taken by her daughter Helen, the three-year-old soon-to-be big sister to Erin and Ben's second daughter.

Fans were clearly on board with the clever riff on a traditional baby shower with comments like "What a beautiful and fun tradition! Congratulations!" and "What an amazing idea for a shower (especially a second baby one.)" Another comment captured our thoughts exactly with "So Southern and so perfect!"

Recently, in a cover story for PEOPLE the Napiers revealed their pregnancy news. On Instagram, Erin got candid about the beautiful messiness of life, sharing a behind-the-scenes look at their photo shoot and her candid reflections. "We didn't stage the rooms. We didn't make anything perfect and neat. No flowers in a vase to be found. We didn't change our clothes. I didn't fix my hair," she wrote alongside a series of photos from the session. "There are dishes drying on the rack. The sippy cups live wherever they land. The books are read, then piled. Life isn't perfect or neat. It's dear, and cluttered, and familiar."

Life may not be perfect or neat, indeed, but when there are casseroles in the freezer baked up by your favorite girls, it's tough to complain. A cluttered freezer and a full heart, for sure.