Erin Napier Looks So Much Like Her Daughter Helen in This 1994 Photo

"Oh, beautiful little Helen is the spitting image of you!!" one fan wrote.

It's been a busy few years in the Napier household in Laurel, Mississippi. Not only did HGTV Home Town stars Ben and Napier welcome their second daughter Mae in 2021, but they're also hosted a second successful show, a spinoff of their original, Home Town Takeover, in which they brought new life into the town of Wetumpka, Alabama.

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of daily life, Erin often carves out some time out to take a look back and reflect. One such moment, she shared one of her childhood photos with all of us. She took to her Instagram account and posted, " 1994, lovin Barney and being cavity free."

Ben and Erin Napier Sitting

Brooke Davis-Jefcoat

In the snapshot, Erin dons jean shorts and a sleeveless paisley-style shirt. She's also sporting a big grin and her straight blonde hair looks lovely in a bob. Posing next to a Barney-esque figure and a balloon for the Family Dental Center of Laurel, she couldn't be more adorable.

And even though she's eight-years-old in the photo and her daughter Helen was just three-years-old at the time, many followers were quick to point out how much the two resembled each other. "Oh, beautiful little Helen is the spitting image of you!!" one fan wrote, while another said, "Wow Helen looks exactly like you when you were little!"

Beyond sharing glimpses inside family photo albums, Erin shares many other aspects of her life on social media, often getting candid about the messiness of life. "Real life: sinus infection, snacks, books, juice, books, design research, books. (seriously, Helen's 2 book shelves are bananas but I'm definitely not going to do anything about it," she captioned a snapshot of the family's home.

Opening up about a 2021 PEOPLE cover shoot on Instagram, Erin emphasized the beautiful lack of perfection in her daily life. "My favorite things about the photos my dear friend @brookedavisphoto took for @people: We didn't stage the rooms. We didn't make anything perfect and neat. No flowers in a vase to be found. We didn't change our clothes. I didn't fix my hair. There are dishes drying on the rack," she wrote. "The sippy cups live wherever they land. The books are read, then piled. Life isn't perfect or neat. It's dear, and cluttered, and familiar. I want to make a book about this: photos of beautiful rooms in practical use. No one needs help feeling bad about their imperfect lives. I'd like to see designers embrace that a bit more."

Keeping things real, and embracing the craziness of it all — that's a lesson we can get behind. Whether they're photos from your childhood or snapshots alongside little nuggets of wisdom, keep it coming, Mrs. Napier.

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