Puppy Love! Ben and Erin Napier Welcome New Dog to the Family

Helen is going to be very happy about her new four-legged friend!

Ben and Erin Napier in Laurel, Mississippi
Photo: Cedric Angeles

It's been a big week for Ben and Erin Napier's adorable four-year-old daughter Helen. In addition to taking her first piano lesson, she became a big sister yet again, and this time to a sibling of the four-legged variety!

That's right, seven months after the passing of their dog Baker, the Home Town hosts are welcoming a new pup into the family. Erin announced her family's latest addition in an Instagram post yesterday, writing "Our dog Baker passed last July and anytime Helen gets tired and emotional, oh she crushes us!"

In the first slide of the post, you see Helen hiding under a blanket telling Erin how much she misses Baker. In the video, you can hear her say, "Everything was good with Baker. Now I don't have Baker, and now I'm just lonely without a friend at my house."

Erin points out that to Helen that she has her friends Lucy and Lottie to play with, but Helen isn't consoled.

"I just want a dog," she says through tears. "I just want an animal friend."

The second half of the announcement post features a photo of Ben sitting in the driver's seat of his truck with an adorable fluffy pup in his lap.

""Problem (😭) —> Solution. Meet the new Baker!" Erin quipped in the post.

Congrats to Helen and the entire Napier family on their new furry friend!

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