Could Dolly Parton Be the Reason Taco Bell Finally Brings Back Mexican Pizza?

Just when we thought we couldn’t love her more!

Dolly Parton and Taco Bell
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Dolly Parton has always been the hero we deserve. On top of being a bonafide country superstar and living legend, she's a major philanthropist and true renaissance woman. She's donated books to children through her Imagination Library for a quarter century and contributed $700,000 to help with Middle Tennessee flood relief earlier this year. Over the past 12 months, America's sweetheart has brought us the most glorious ice cream flavor to ever exist, as well as a line of Southern-inspired cake mixes. And if that wasn't enough, she even has a new book and album coming out in March!

We can't help but love basically everything Dolly does, but her latest good deed really has us swooning, and she didn't even mean to do it. In an interview with Insider for the release of her new Duncan Hines cake mix line, reporter Anneta Konstantinides took things a little off script by asking Dolly about a little-known love of hers, Taco Bell.

When asked about her favorite order, Dolly revealed that she's partial to soft-shell tacos because they stand up better to life on the road than their hard-shell counterparts that tend to "fall apart so bad."

"So I always get a Taco Supreme, with the sour cream and all that, in the soft shell. I love that. And I get an order of rice and beans. And I get mild sauce. I don't like to get it too hot and ruin everything," she explained.

After rattling off her order, everyone thought Ms. Parton was done with the topic. That is, until she mentioned what is likely history's most talked about hot-button fast-food topic, Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza.

"They used to make a little—I think they still do it—one of the restaurants, they make a little Mexican pizza," Parton said, "which is also good. I love that."

Unbeknownst to Dolly, the cult-favorite menu item was cut from Taco Bell's menu in September 2020, sparking widespread outrage and a petition with more than 170,000 signatures. More than a year later, the beloved mashup is still absent from Taco Bell menus, but if Dolly has anything to say about it, that could change soon.

When asked if she thought the fast-food chain should bring the Mexican Pizza back, Dolly didn't hesitate, saying "I think they should!"

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Dolly first publicly declared her love for the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza back in 2016, while joining Andy Cohen on Sirius XM. She revealed that Taco Bell is a go-to date night spot for she and her husband of more than 50 years, Carl Dean. The longtime lovebirds and famously private couple's relationship began at a fast-food restaurant, and they still love stopping at drive-thrus while riding around in their camper today.

While rumors about a spring or summer return for the beloved Mexican Pizza have already been floating around, a little push from The Iron Butterfly herself couldn't hurt. After all, who could say no to Dolly?

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