Parton dishes the one invention she couldn't live without, her bedtime, and her favorite season of them all.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg

Friday the 13th may not have the brightest of reps, but this past Friday was a ray of light for kids at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville.

To celebrate the release of her new—and first!—children's album, I Believe in You, the star visited with a group of youngsters at the hospital's Seacrest Studios. In a Facebook Live video, Parton sat down to talk music, her career, and her personal connection to the hospital.

"My niece Hannah Dennison had leukemia here when she was four-years old. She was treated here for about four years and they did such a wonderful job here and so I wanted to bring her today," offered Dolly. "And so she's been going around the hospital with me to visit with the kids. It was just special," she continued, before adding that all the money from the album will support her non-profit, Imagination Library.

A young boy named Dawson kicked off the kids' Q&A by asking "Would you rather deliver pizza or babies?" Clearly amused, Dolly replied, "I'd rather SING! But I'd probably take the pizza ‘cuz I'm a pig at heart!" Later on, she's also quizzed on her usual bedtime, the invention she couldn't live without, and what her favorite musical instrument is.

Of note, a young friend named Luke calling in from a Charlotte hospital asked Aunt Dolly to name her favorite season. A no-brainer for the Sevier County, Tennessee native, she launched into an impassioned answer: "Oh, that's easy. Right now! Autumn has always been my favorite season because I love the changing of the leaves. And we have so many beautiful trees in East Tennessee where I was born, up in the Great Smoky Mountains," Dolly explained.

"We have the largest assortment of trees in all of North America. So when they all start changing all their colors, it's just absolutely beautiful. And they're equally as beautiful in the spring, but the fall, there's just some kind of feeling I get in the fall that I don't get any other time." Having seen our fair share of awe-inspiring fall foliage in the South, we sure take the Queen of Country's point to heart.

Watch the full video below.

‘Chemo Hero' and ‘Brave Little Soldier' are both dedicated to children on journeys to overcome health issues. You can buy the album here.