If only we could have Dolly come cook this for us.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton's family didn't always have a lot while she was growing up, but that never stopped her mother from making sure there was food on the table, even if that food was nothing more than a bowl of Stone Soup.

Parton stopped by the Hallmark Channel's Home & Family show to whip up a batch of the hearty stew she grew up eating with her family and shared the recipe's backstory, which is filled with family, love, and ingenuity. It will warm your heart as much as any bowl of soup.

"Mamma used to tell us when we really didn't have that much to eat in our house, she used to tell us to go out in the yard. She said, ‘Go get me a rock'," explained Parton. Her mother would make the children bring their stones into the kitchen and scrub them down. As the family worked together cleaning rocks, Parton's mama would ask about their day and, according to Parton, whichever child needed a little extra kindness or special display of affection that day would get their stone added to the soup along with whatever ingredients they happened to have in their kitchen that day. "We all felt like we were helping to feed our family for the day," said Parton.

The recipe calls for traditional Southern stew ingredients like stock, a ham hock, and root vegetables, including turnips, carrots, and potatoes. The stone, however, is optional.

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The episode of Home & Family originally aired back in 2016, but has resurfaced recently. Perhaps these chaotic times have people yearning to return to a simpler era when the cure for what ailed you lay at the bottom of a hearty bowl of soup served at the family dinner table.