"She has been one of my favorite people that I have ever known or worked with."

By Meghan Overdeep
May 03, 2021

Dolly Parton is one of numerous celebrities who have spoken out in remembrance of the late, great Olympia Dukakis.

Shortly after learning that Dukakis died at the age of 89 on Saturday morning, Parton, who starred alongside the Oscar-winner in Steel Magnolias, provided a heartfelt statement on the passing of the Hollywood icon to Today.

"I was so sorry to hear that Olympia Dukakis had passed away," the country music legend said. "She has been one of my favorite people that I have ever known or worked with."

"I really got very close to her and felt like we were good friends," Parton continued. "Even though I didn't get to see her much, I thought of her often and knew that she was such a quality human being. She will be missed by her fans, her family, and those of us that were lucky enough to get to know her personally."

Sally Field, who also starred in the beloved Southern film, shared a few words with Today as well.

"What can I say but I loved her? Everyone loved her," Field said. "She was a gift... unique and talented and one of a kind. Rest in peace, my friend Olympia."

Dukakis' brother Apollo announced her death on Facebook Saturday.

"My beloved sister, Olympia Dukakis, passed away this morning in New York City," he wrote. "After many months of failing health, she is finally at peace and with her Louis."

Dukakis' husband Louis Zorich died in 2018. The couple had three children and four grandchildren.

Rest in peace, Clairee.