Get Your Dolly Parton Duncan Hines Cake Mix Now

The country icon even provides recipes for family-favorite desserts!

You may not be able to sing like Dolly, act like Dolly, or charm a crowd like Dolly, but thanks to the renaissance woman's collaboration with a well-known baking brand, you may be able to whip up delicious desserts like Dolly. The 76-year-old country singer and cultural icon has partnered with Duncan Hines to bring bakers a line of Southern-inspired cake mixes and frostings.

With the Dolly Parton x Duncan Hines line, at-home chefs can create their very own country kitchens with two cake mixes and two frostings. Offerings include Southern Style Coconut Flavored Cake Mix, Southern Style Banana Flavored Cake Mix, Creamy Buttercream Frosting, and Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.

Dolly Parton Duncan Hines
Sebastian Smith

"I have always loved to cook and, growing up in the South, I especially love that authentic Mom and Pop kind of cooking," Parton said in a release for the launch. "I am excited to launch my own line of cake mixes and frostings with Duncan Hines, bringing that sweet, Southern-style baking experience I enjoy to others."

Dolly Parton Duncan Hines
Duncan Hines

And since Dolly doesn't do anything halfway, you won't be mixing these signature cakes with just your average water, oil, and eggs. Instead, Dolly has provided a signature recipe on the back of each box to add some Dolly-approved razzle dazzle to your dessert game.

The coconut cake mix calls in help from sweetened coconut flakes and two Southern staples, milk and butter. Meanwhile, the banana mix takes your tastebuds on a trip to Southern Church Picnic, U.S.A. by spotlighting all the banana pudding staples—vanilla instant pudding, a large banana, and a couple generous handfuls of vanilla wafers.

The cake mixes and frostings are still available in some grocery stores. You can also order special Dolly Parton themed baking kits via the Duncan Hines website.

Each $40 kit includes both mixes and frostings, as well as a Dolly-inspired tea towel and spatula, two alternative recipes, and a letter from Ms. Parton herself. Also included: bragging rights that you'll be the first of your friends to try her creations.

Representatives from Duncan Hines said they hope the partnership will "evolve for years to come," so we've got our fingers crossed for many more Dolly-fied desserts in our future!

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