Is this where you pictured Debbie daydreaming about her future? 


Despite moving to Burbank, California at the young age of 8, Debbie Reynolds, perhaps our favorite Hollywood icon is unsurprisingly a Southern belle a fact that really shines through in the home where she grew up. She was born in El Paso, Texas, the Reynolds family headed West to this home in Burbank, California in 1940. Her father's job as a carpenter took Mary Frances (her birth name) to the tidy cottage on Evergreen Street where she lived until she was sixteen. Compared to the photo of young Reynolds and the current real-estate listing, the exterior is pretty much untouched.

On the interior, much has changed there is an upstairs bathroom with the original pink tile. It is easy to imagine Reynolds putting on make up and practicing her rendition of "My Rocking Horse Ran Away" right before the Miss Burbank competition that led to her first big break with Warner Brothers.

Out back, there is an original outdoor fireplace that is still as chic and dreamy today as it was 77 years ago. We couldn't help but wonder if Reynolds would ever sit out and ponder how bright her future was? Did she dream of being a famous singer, of dancing beside Gene Kelly in Singin' In the Rain, or having a daughter that she loved so much that the grief of her death would take Reynolds herself two days later?

These are all deep thoughts to think about young Debbie Reynolds as you peruse the $770,000 real-estate listing. If you cannot get enough of Debbie and her home, go the extra step (like I did) and take a digital stroll up and down Evergreen Street via the fantastic Google Maps.