Darius Rucker Says There Are Two Seasons a Year: "Football Season and Waiting for Football Season"

Sounds about right.

We're Southerners, a few things are in our DNA: biscuits, sweet tea, holiday decorations, country music, and football. (Okay, and tailgates too, but we'll just call that football and country music tangential.)

On the football front, country music great and Hootie & the Blowfish frontman Darius Rucker, just about summed it up: "For me, there's two times a year, man — football season and waiting for football season," he said per The Country Daily. That spot-on revelation came at the conclusion of Rucker sharing his thoughts on why he loves football, with the South Carolina-born singer explaining, "Ever since I was five years old, I've loved football. I love how physical it is. I love the chess match of the game. I love the speed of the game. I love college football, but for me watching pro football is better because the speed is so much more."

Darius Rucker - The 54th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals
Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMA

In addition to his football obsession, Rucker also gets it right on the Southern food front, recently sharing in an interview on Southern Living's Biscuits & Jam podcast that a very Southern soup is his most adored meal. "My favorite meal was always okra soup. It was just okra made with tomatoes and a bunch of vegetables and some ham hocks and all that Southern stuff. It's still my favorite meal. My sisters make it for me every now and then. I love it." Mmmmm...Thanks for passing along the okra soup craving. Listen to Rucker's full podcast episode below.

We sure think a little Sunday football and a hearty bowl of okra soup is just what our soul needs this weekend. Coffee and windowsill nooks, okra and kickoff, January and lazy afternoons, some things just go together like — to lift the song title of Rucker's latest single — beers and sunshine.

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