Tennessean country singer Craig Morgan isn't shy about his Southern roots. "This Ole Boy" (as his chart-topping song suggests) grew up in Kingston Springs, Tennessee. "It wasn't 'til I went somewhere else," Craig said, "that I realized we were Southern." This country star, known for hits like "International Harvester" and "Redneck Yacht Club," acknowledged that, often times, Southern isn't a geographical location.

"Southerners have a shared attitude. There's a sense of kindness, and concern, and caring. But, generally, you meet anyone from the South and they'll say: 'Nice to meet ya.' And there's a lot of "yes, ma'ams," and "no, ma'ams," and "yes, sirs," and "no, sirs." Now, that's what Southern is, being self-reliant."

Self-reliant is a great term to describe Craig, himself, as the artist has large garden and even his own bees on his Tennessee farm. "We learned how to can stuff, so we started canning everything, which is so much fun. We grow our own vegetables in our garden. We make our own salsa out of the stuff that we grow in the garden."

One of Craig's newest ventures – not including his new Old Tattoo wine or tour with Operation Finally Home – is The Gallery at Morgan Farms. This shop in Dickson is more of a museum, showing off heirlooms, treasures, and antiques that are made from reclaimed, salvaged, and repurposed materials. Here's where you'll find Craig's honey, exclusively. This honey is harvested by beekeeper Craig himself, who shared some funny stories about his misadventures.

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