Craig Melvin Shares the One Ingredient You Should Never, Ever Put in Grits

Sweet or savory? The South Carolina native has opinions.

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Craig Melvin is many things, but the Today host is first and foremost a Southerner.

Y'all know that with that distinction comes the right to strong opinions on everything from mayonnaise brands and NCAA teams to the best way to prepare grits.

Melvin, a native of Columbia, South Carolina, recently revealed where he falls on the age-old issue of sweet versus savory grits. Responding to a tweet from fellow South Carolinian and CNN commenter Bakari Sellers, the broadcaster came down firmly on the side of savory.

Bakari's professed love for sugar in his grits was enough to send Melvin over the proverbial edge.

"Sugar belongs in grits," Bakari wrote. "I'm on this hill forever."

"Sometimes you can't sit in silence when the people you care about have clearly lost their way," Melvin responded. "Only thing that goes in grits are butter, salt, pepper, maybe some of your bacon, sausage, or cheese. Sugar?!?!? C'mon, man!"

Fans were quick to back him up.

"You tell it sir! This is NOT CREAM OF WHEAT!" one Twitter user replied. "You keep preaching that truth. Say it on the air tomorrow. I got your back!"

"Oh agreed! No sugar," another chimed in. "Butter, salt, and pepper… the end. Maybe a little cheese for shrimp and grits. But nope… never sugar. Go bake a cake in that case."

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Melvin, who has lived in the Northeast for more than a decade, recently told Southern Living that "you could write an essay" about what he misses about the South.

"You could write a separate essay on that," he said. "I miss the weather, first and foremost. Scratch that: I miss my family. All of my family lives in SC, literally, except for a second cousin who lives in Chicago." He also added that he has plans to one day retire in the South. "My wife and I have frequent conversations about it," he said.

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