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Southerners like to claim a lot of things as our own – biscuits, slang, pickup trucks, cowboy hats – but, are they really ours? Although we've perfected more than a few of them, some of these items actually have roots in other states (or even continents). Take biscuits, for example. To the rest of the world, biscuits are a hard, cookie-like treat originating in Britain that you'd serve alongside tea. But, we'd like to argue that a soft, flaky, buttermilk biscuit served warm with a pat of butter and local honey would take the crown anyday.

Did you get some of these answers wrong? Don't worry! So did This Is Us star and author of <em>This Is Me: Loving The Person You Are Today</em> Chrissy Metz, who tested her Southern knowledge in a playful game we named This Is..Southern? The actress, who grew up in Gainesville, Florida, knew a few of the answers – like Moonpies, Chick-fil-A, and the state of Florida – but struggled to master the others. And, it was hilarious! Chrissy also shared a few secrets with our staff, like what she orders at Chick-fil-A (she's got a special sauce!) and why Moonpies taste way better when they've been popped in the microwave. Test your Southern knowledge alongside Chrissy. How many did you get right?