Hint: It's one of our favorite grocery stores!

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You probably know Chrissy Metz from the hit TV show This Is Us where she plays a kind, lovable character named Kate. She's also recently released a best-selling biography: This Is Me: Loving The Person You Are Today. However, most folks don't realize that Chrissy grew up in the South! That's right – the Hollywood actress called Gainesville, Florida home, and she has several reasons to be a proud Southerner.

Chrissy knows all about childhood below the Mason-Dixon. She spent her days feeding horses on the way to school, playing in the creek with neighborhood friends, getting "bolled" peanuts on the way to the beach, and riding bicycles to TCBY.

The Florida native is a huge Florida Gators football fan, and Chrissy never visits her home state without taking a trip to her favorite spot – Publix. In fact, she still has her ideal Pub-Sub sandwich order memorized! What does she love most about the South? It's the way people treat each other. Folks take the time to lend a helping hand when needed and do their best to be thoughtful and considerate.

Of course, Chrissy didn't leave without telling us her favorite Southern food – squash casserole. And, no matter what you choose to crumble on top, she wants to reiterate that the cheese is key. We definitely approve of that delicious choice!