Long before becoming a household name, Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Chris Tomlin was influenced by his Texas roots.

Chris Tomlin
Credit: Chris Tomlin

Although he now resides in Tennessee, Texas-native Chris Tomlin was influenced by some of country music's most popular names. "Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard were some of my dad's favorites, and he loved them so much." At the age of 9, his dad began teaching him how to play guitar with Willie Nelson songs, of course. Learning how to play guitar led him to singing and playing at Grand Saline's First Baptist Church in his hometown of Grand Saline, Texas, a rural township with a population of barely 3,000. Fast forward to today and Tomlin is among the most well-known and influential artists in contemporary Christian music.

Earlier this year, he teamed up with director TK McKamy to film the video for his song Home. Songwriter Tom Douglas, who penned The House That Built Me, shared with Chris the powerful idea that home is the great four letter word: everyone is either running to it or from it. In the video, which was filmed in Tennessee, Chris is seen running through the woods, eventually leading him to a home with light pouring out of every window and door.

The idea was to capture the emotion of going to a place called home, and to portray heaven in that way. " I love how the song is really resonating and striking a chord with people, whether they have had people that have passed and they long to see them again or if it is something they are longing for themselves," said Chris. "There is something about the song that brings a lot of joy and hope to people."