The couple refreshed the facility's dining room with new furniture and décor in their signature farmhouse-chic style.


Their Hearth & Hand line of home decor isn't the only Target collaboration Chip and Joanna Gaines have been working on lately. This week the HGTV stars revealed a stunning remodel of the dining room at the Target House, the retail giant's long-term housing facility where families stay for free while their kids receive treatment at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

Everybody's favorite reno-loving couple refreshed the space with new furniture and décor in their signature farmhouse-chic style.

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"Any time I'm designing a space for children, I always think of my own children for inspiration — whenever I create an atmosphere that is intentional for them, I get to really see them thrive," Joanna, a mother of four, told People. "So when I was creating this space for St. Jude, I was thinking of the children there and I was also thinking about their families, who have basically been uprooted for the treatment their children are receiving."

The new decor includes welcoming communal tables, a coffee bar, and art work done by the young residents themselves.

"I really believe home is the most important place on earth, and while we are hopeful those families will not have to stay there for long, I wanted to make the space feel as comfortable as possible for them while they are there," she said. "When they go there to eat and to gather, I wanted them to feel like there's still that sense of home away from home."

Watch Chip and Jo revealed the new dining room to Target House families in the video above.