We can't wait to get after it.

By Meghan Overdeep
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Chip Gaines
Credit: Instagram @joannagaines

Our second favorite day (after demo day, of course) is here! That's right Fixer Upper fans, today marks the release of Chip Gaines' new book Capital Gaines. So what are y'all waiting for? Get after it!

Capital Gaines, a rundown of all the crazy things the HGTV star has done and the lessons he's learned from them, is the second book by Gaines, who co-wrote the New York Times bestseller The Magnolia Story with his wife Joanna.

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"In this semi-humble account of a man on a mission, Chip Gaines is living proof how one's fearless dedication and love for both business and family can redefine modern success," the couple's website reads. "With his unrelenting spirit as both a coach and a trailblazer, a few off-the-wall strategies to get things done, and the boldness to go all-in, time and time again, Chip Gaines serves as a fitting poster child for entrepreneurs and risk takers the world over."

In joint appearance on Today Tuesday morning, Chip and Jo took a break from promoting the book to offer some candid insight into their decision to end their hit show and address rumors that marriage troubles led them to pull the plug. The reason, Chip revealed, was actually quite the opposite. According to him, it was the possibility of discord that caused them to step back from the spotlight.

"Look I'll give them a little credence," Chip said of the relationship rumors. "The most important thing in the world is Jo and I's relationship, followed very quickly by these four beautiful kids (of ours). We didn't want to push it, to redline it for so long that we woke up and realized we are at a point of no return. So we wanted to take a step back and focus on what is absolutely the most important thing to us."

Can't get enough Chip and Jo? Capital Gaines is available now for $25.