Wait, Chip did WHAT?!

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
November 07, 2017

T'was the night before Ch...ip and Jo's Target launch, and Chip Gaines couldn't wait to peruse the aisles with his own two eyes. In preparation for the duo's Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collaboration with the mega-retailer, Chip shared a humorous photo on instagram hinting that even he spent his evening camping out by the store to celebrate their line arriving.

While we may never know if the photo was staged or not, it's apparent that the Fixer Upper couplehad a grand ole time getting some shopping done. In addition to Chip's playful posting, Jo shared a funny video clip of herself wheeling Chip around in a shopping cart—beelining for the Hearth & Hand store-within-a-store.

Even if you didn't make it to opening day, there's still plenty of opportunity to stock up on the swoonworthy collection online or at a Target. From throw blankets to vases, we have a feeling it's going to be hard narrowing down our holiday wish list this year.