Chef José Andrés and Hellmann's Team Up to Challenge Us to Reduce Our Food Waste

“We can start reducing food waste before it even happens.”

Chef/Owner, ThinkFoodGroup and Founder, World Central Kitchen José Andrés is on a mission to help all of us be a little less wasteful. In partnership with Hellmann's, the superstar chef is on a mission to save one million meals in North America. Starting today, October 14, Hellmann's and Andrés are launching the Food Hunters campaign

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"We can start reducing food waste before it even happens," Chef Andrés said in a press release. "The answer is right in front of our very eyes. Do you know what is in your fridge right now? Let's be Fridge Hunters together and find creative ways we can make the most of our food. Together with Hellmann's, we can save food that normally gets tossed - because it is overlooked and lost in the fridge - and use ingredients we already have to make beautiful meals together."

The Fridge Hunters campaign is a challenge for all of us to open our fridges and create a meal based on only what we have on hand, items that we might be inclined to throw out. According to a 2016 study by, 40% of all food waste in the U.S. happens in our homes.

The mayonnaise giant worked with the world-famous chef to create what they are calling "flexipes," which they describe as, "A flexipe is a loose framework that guides home cooks through the fridge hunting process. The formula mixes and matches what is on hand: base + veggie + protein + a little help from Hellmann's." Examples they are providing to help us get started include Snappy Sandwich, Quick & Easy Wrap, and One Pot Creamy Pasta.

But it's not just about inspiring. No, Chef Andrés and Hellman's want us to have fun while we create and today through October 24, they invite us to participate in the Fridge Hunters Sweepstakes. Share the fabulous dishes you come up with either via the the website or posting with the hashtags #fridgehunters, #sweepstakes, and tagging @Hellmannsmayonnaise on Instagram and TikTok. (No purchase necessary.)

Three entries will be randomly selected and win one-on-one virtual fridge hunting sessions with Chef Andrés. In this virtual meet-up, each winner will give Chef Andrés a peek inside their fridge, and he will teach them how to make the most of the ingredients they have on hand. Together, the winners will reinvent their leftover ingredients into a wonderful new dish. Each sweepstakes entry and social media post will count towards Hellmann's goal of saving one million meals in North America.

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"We're honored to partner with Chef José Andrés who works tirelessly to face the challenges of food insecurity," said Ben Crook, Senior Marketing Director for Hellmann's North America. "Hellmann's recognizes a simple change can have a big impact and is proud to do its part in helping to reduce food waste."

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